Big Goose was a team of 4 of us, created during the summer months of 2016. We started out creating a cyber-security themed game jam: ‘Type Fighter’. The success of this jam acquired us summer internships with PlayWest, to polish ‘Type Fighter’ and create 2 more cyber-security games for the UWE IT services to be put onto arcade cabinets. These became ‘Spamphibian’, a game about filtering out good emails from spam, combined with the frantic gameplay of frogger, and ‘Goost!’ a ransomware themed game, inspired by the gameplay of ‘Joust’.

We later went on to the Brains Eden Gaming Festival, on behalf of UWE, to create short-listed game: ‘Colourimetry’, a mobile tilt-control game, where the player swipes between 2 worlds to navigate a maze.

My role in this team was primarily on the art side of things, as my colleagues at the time had significantly more experience with the programming side of things.

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