Cool Egg on the Run! is a ZX Spectrum style game inspired by Dizzy Egg and Lode Runner, where the player guides Cool Egg up a constantly moving factory for as long as possible, while avoiding the spinning saw blades beneath. The game was made primarily in a single day, being later fixed up in preparation for being shown off at the PC Gamer Weekender, 2017.

Cool Egg at the PC Gamer Weekender Expo

The game was surprisingly well received at the expo, resonating especially with older players due to the simplicity, art style and CRT visual effects. One visitor kept coming back and played for hours! The success of the event led to us wanting to take the game even further.

Steam Greenlight

The excellent reception for Cool Egg at the event led us to uploading the game to Steam Greenlight, with the hopes of releasing it commercially. For this, we created a fairly professional trailer and page for the game. While the reception we have had has been mostly positive, the game has unfortunately not been green-lit as there simply weren’t enough eyes on the project and most attempts to publicise the project have been rejected due to the game being too niche. It also didn’t help that the Spectrum was a very British console, and Steam being a largely American platform.

Cool Egg on the Run – Greenlight Trailer