Kojima Drive is a party driving game, created by the 2016-2017 UWE Bristol Games Technology 3rd year cohort. Each sub-group was responsible for different features of the game, as well as various mini-games to take place over 2 locations: Kojima Island and Ohiyaku Bay.

Our sub-group, Bird-Up, was responsible for a great many aspects of the game, including various ‘island life’ features, an arrow navigation system, a post-FX stack, a respawn system, various menus and 2 mini-games: ‘Target Gliders’, inspired by the Monkey Target Mini-Game from Super Monkey Ball, and ‘Parallel Parkour’ where players compete for a single parking space over several rounds. The latter was featured as part of a demo featured at the PC Gamer Weekender alongside our other game Cool Egg on the Run.

Screenshots coming Soon™

Our group’s trailer can be found here!