U.S.B. was a game jam created in 4 days by 3 members of Bird-Up, as part of the 2017 UWE Cyber Security game jam. It incorporates FMV aspects as well as more traditional sprite art, in a competitive multiplayer 2D action-platformer. Each player plays as a virus; put onto the system by inserting a random USB stick into the computer, and must pick up the file and hold onto it for a few seconds in order to ‘capture’ it. They can make use of weapons dropped on the map as well as less effective melee attacks to kill the other players and make them drop any files they hold.As play continues and more files are captured, the system becomes more infected, causing the screen to glitch, and lights to flicker.

The purpose of this game was to educate students about the dangers of inserting random USBs into their computers, as well as other more subtle themes, including phishing scams via certain item drops, and the problems that can arise from using public computers.